Michael Primo

I learn for a living


I live for a learning.



I am Michael Primo, a 26 years old italian developer which love create weird things and solving logical problems and puzzles. I was born in the Casale Monferrato's City and now I live on Frassineto Po, a little town. I received a computer when I was 10 and then I made experiments and learned how to make games and general software. Then I got my high school's diploma on the ITIS Ascanio Sobrero's on my city and learned the basics of computer science.


More than a project, it's a journey. I worked for some companies of my town and after that I am starting making independent projects on my own. I am focusing about being a better frontend developer, knowing more about HTML5 (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and making varied projects while helping and entertaining people from this website. I will publish here the results of my self training and what weird but wonderful things I will do.

Open Source Games/Projects I made


My main project! Solve the Labyrinth while fighting boss after boss in this artistic turn-based RPG and lift your curse!


This is the collection of games I made for RPG2S and Itch.io game jams!

Bye Roll!

Made for the JS13k contest, solve 5 puzzles by switching forms (jumping and flying) through death! And when you lose...the rules will change!

Neon Click

Neon Click is a number game where you have 60 seconds for making as combinations as possible! Look for the yellow button and use the blue buttons around to make the exact number!

Color Discovery

Color Discovery is a quiz/word game where you need to find the name of the colour (in italian for now) and you learn in the process!

Golden Mushrooms!

Golden Mushrooms! is a game where you need to find the hidden golden mushrooms and avoid the red (poisoned) ones. The Radar and Imposter Mushrooms are included too!

Space Hopper

Made for the JS1024 contest, avoid asteroids and hop your way into the space with a coconut-eating octopus!


If you want to make a game, animation or simply you want to manage delays on input and loops, then Crono.js is for you.


Put in there notes you will paste a lot and when you need it, paste your words with a click!